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Equine head & wither pain points learn to spot them

Equine head pain points learn to spot them. then buy the book to learn how to release them.

Equine Stifle issue relief in horses

Equine Stifle issue relief in horses .Buy the book

If your horse shows discomfort then your next step is to learn how to release the pain points on your horse yourself.

How to Identify & Release Your Horses Pain Points

With DVD- This book shows you where your horse is in pain & what you can do to help them Just by using a simple acupressure release this saves you time and money . The book and DVD come with a money back guarantee . Free Bonus Information Packet with every Order!


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How to identify & Release
Your Horses Pain Points

Natural Equine Remedies

Save money learn ton's $50 +S&H

If you're a Horse Owner

Who wants to know the best method of learning where your horse is in pain & how to release that pain using acupressure application,plus find lameness issues with acupressure release discover how you get to save time & money on massage, chiropractor ,vet bills,etc right now! Just by using your hands.

What our Clients Say!

My horse was high strung, didn't want to be touched on his back too much. I'd get on him and he would buck a bit right away and his gait was off. In the pasture, I would watch him lift his back leg up all the time like he was in pain.

What our Clients Say!

I have spent thousands of dollars on trying to get my horse "fixed" between vets, chiropractors, energy healers, anything I could find to figure out his pain and nothing worked. He even had the shots put in his stifles.

What our Clients Say!

I happened to stumble across Lorrie's website and watched the videos and ordered her book that same night. Once I got it and read it right away, my husband and I went out to use her pain point checks and releases. He was out in every pain point, but his neck.

What our Clients Say!

It was AMAZING!!! She said that anybody can do this and she was right. My horse changed overnight. He was not flinching in his withers anymore and I could touch his back without him moving away from me. He was the calmest he has ever been.

What our Clients Say!

I will be forever grateful that I found Lorrie's site. It's so easy that it makes me want to work on him everyday. If you have ANY horse issues, I would recommend this type of modality.

What our Clients Say!

I was really impressed with the pain point that shows you if it's the teeth that need to be worked on. Needless to say, he is scheduled to see the dentist.

What our Clients Say!

Thank you again Lorrie for sharing your knowledge!!!!

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Lorrie Bracaloni gives hands on workshops at your barn or mine just let me know.