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Parasite wormers

See what equine wormer product effects your horses live and kidneys what product works best use natural wormer products

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Finding Equine Lameness

Learn where to find where your horse is lame ,where his energy blocks are. Easy and fun !

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How a Horse Digest their food

This is a great video on how a horse digest their food and how you can prevent colic.Equine Nutrtion,equine digestive tract,colic in horses,

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Phosphorus mineral defiency Equine

See where a horse looks for phosphorus when they are deficient, what to do to balance the minerals.

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Equine eye release for head shaking, rearing

This video shows you how to release cerebral fluid trapped in your horses head, between their eyes, easy to release,

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Check your horses back ribs for pain

Check where your horses back ribs pain points are and if they are causing him pain.

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A Horse is a Horse

Is Beet Pulp Toxic to Horses

Chapter 3 of Natural Equine Remedies